Milwaukee Woman Enters Guilty Plea In “Baby Theresa” Case

(Theresa) A Milwaukee woman charged in the “Baby Theresa” case has been found guilty. Karin Luttinen was in court with her attorney Aneeq Ahmad for her arraignment hearing Monday.

Judge Kristine Snow asked Luttinen her plea to a felony count of Concealing the Death of a Child. Luttinen said her plea was guilty. Attorney Ahmad added that his client was cooperative throughout the investigation and with law enforcement. He added that she did take responsibility.

Judge Snow said after reviewing the criminal complaint, she believes there is a factual basis for Luttinen’s plea. She said that she is satisfied that Luttinen’s plea was made freely, voluntarily, and intelligently.

Luttinen told investigators she was home alone when she started giving birth in April of 2009. She filled a bathtub with water and after delivering the child, passed out. The water was off and had drained by the time Luttinen came to roughly 15 minutes later. The baby was face down in the water near the drain.

She said there was no intention of turning on the water so the baby could not breathe, only so she could get comfortable. Luttinen never saw the child cry or move. She then wrapped the baby in a towel then placed her in a garbage bag and drove (quote) “aimlessly” until reaching a secluded area. The child was found near the Town of Theresa.

The 46-year-old said that no one else knew of the birth. An autopsy concluded the infant died prior to, or during birth.

Luttinen is facing up to one-and-a-half years in prison. A pre-sentencing investigation was ordered and Luttinen is due back in court on August 5th.