Milwaukee Man Sentenced To Prison For Shooting At Fox Lake Man Later Convicted Of Murder

(Fox Lake) A Milwaukee man was sentenced Friday to one and a half years in prison for firing a weapon towards another person who was later convicted of murder in Fox Lake. A jury found Anthony McCaskill guilty of felony Discharging a Firearm Toward a Person and Endangering Safety with the Reckless Use of a Firearm in 2016. McCaskill was placed on probation which was revoked earlier this year. In September of 2015, law enforcement received a call about shots being near the Fox Lake Kwik Trip. Dispatch advised officers that the 27-year-old had fled in his vehicle and that the victim’s car was now in pursuit, traveling at rates over 120-miles-per-hour southbound on Highway 151. When police stopped McCaskill’s vehicle, they found a Glock .40 caliber handgun and two children in the backseat. It was learned at trial that the altercation had occurred over an alleged sexual act committed by the victim against the defendant’s girlfriend while all the participants were at the gas station. During the chase, McCaskill fired multiple shots towards the victim’s vehicle in this case, who is Laverne Ware Jr. Ware was sentenced in 2019 to life in prison for killing his girlfriend and first cousin Sesalie Dixon in December of 2016. At sentencing, District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said this was one of the most complicated and bizarre prosecutions of his career. He said that it has only become stranger now that one of the victims has been convicted of murder in another complicated and even more bizarre trial than this one. McCaskill was also placed on extended supervision for two years.