Milwaukee Couple Charged With Smuggling Illegal Drug Into Fox Lake Correctional

(Fox Lake) A Milwaukee couple is accused of smuggling cocaine into Fox Lake Correctional. Thirty-four-year-old Ricky Glass and 28-year-old Evangelica Santana are each charged with felony Delivering Illegal Articles to an Inmate following their arrest on Tuesday. Investigators reportedly intercepted a phone call between Santana and an inmate that referenced drugs by weight. During the visitation, the inmate reportedly took possession of the contraband while eating a sandwich and spit seven small baggies into his shirt. When corrections officers searched the inmate, and untucked his shirt, all of the baggies fell to the floor. Santana, who brought a child with her to the prison, reportedly told investigators that she owed the inmate a debt and that a street gang threatened her life if she did not smuggle the cocaine in. Glass allegedly admitted to purchasing the sandwich used in the exchange with the inmate. If convicted, the charge carries a maximum three-and-a-half year prison sentence.