Mercury Marine and Employee Union Meet For Seven Hours In An Effort to Revise The Union Contract

Mercury Marine and its employee union talked about ways yesterday to keep the Fond du Lac outboard-motor plant from moving to Oklahoma. Both sides met for seven hours on the company’s effort to revise the union’s current contract. And the firm said at least some issues were resolved. More talks are scheduled today, and possibly tomorrow and Friday. Mercury Marine is considering a plan to move its Fond du Lac production and headquarters to a non-union shop in Stillwater Oklahoma. The company says it’s just one option for cutting costs. About two-thousand Wisconsin jobs are at stake. The firm says it’s asking the union for revisions in wages, benefits, and workforce flexibility. The union workers are members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Should a deal be reached, a union ratification vote would be held within two weeks.