Medicare Costs to Increase in 2022

(Dodge County) The centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently released updated numbers for 2022 and costs for premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance are on the rise.  On a recent WBEV Community Comment, Elder Benefit Specialist and SHIP Counselor with the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dodge County Amanda Higgins, explained this is due in part to rising healthcare costs as well as a cost of living adjustment to Social Security implemented at 5.9% for next year.  Additionally, there is a new Alzheimer’s medication now available helping to drive costs up.

Higgins notes the Medicare Part A deductible will increase $70 over 2021 to $1556, while the monthly premium Social Security recipients will see withheld from their checks will increase nearly $22 dollars which equates to $170.10 per calendar month.  Higgins adds, that anyone with questions about how the increase in costs will affect them can reach out to the ADRC of Dodge County for more information at 920-386-3580.