McCarville Challenging Penterman For 37th Assembly District

(Madison) The candidates vying for a seat in the Wisconsin’s 37th Assembly District discussed the issues with us yesterday (Thursday) on WBEV’s Community Comment. Republican Will Penterman of Columbus is seeking his first full term in office after winning a special election last year.

“It’s been a really short first term… but I am really proud of the work I was able to get done,” Penterman says, “I had two bills of mine that were passed and signed into law. I introduced 20 other pieces of legislation and there’s more work that needs to be done.”

Democrat Maureen McCarville of DeForest is serving her fifth term on the Dane County Board and was a police commissioner for eleven years.

“I’ve always felt the need to help and we are living in some very divisive times with some huge issues facing our state,” McCarville says, “and I think I can bring my background and experience to the table to help further civil discussions and some common sense solutions.”

The 37th Assembly District encompasses southwest Dodge County and parts of northern Jefferson County and eastern Columbia County and contains the cities of Columbus, Waterloo and Watertown along with the villages of DeForest, Lowell and Reeseville.