Let’s make MC’s wish come true, and give him a home of his own.
A home he can wake up every morning where he is loved and happy and spoiled, just like he deserves. All MC wants is a family who will love him unconditionally!
He would love a dog friend in the home so he has someone to keep him company. And we found out that he does NOT like cats! He gets very nervous around little kids, especially when they are loud and running all over the place. MC needs a quieter home where someone is home most of the day, or has a dog companion. MC yearns for what every homeless animal wants… A loving family.. A warm bed.. A home where he is safe, and people who will accept him for who he is.
Once you meet him, you’ll fall in love, just like we do every single day.
MC is a 4.5 year old Lab Mix. He is fully housebroken, and his crate is his safe place.

Meet MC today at the Dodge County Humane Society!