Mayville Utilities Extends Hydrant Flushing Deadline

(Mayville) Mayville has extended their original hydrant flushing deadline. Director of Utilities Courtney Steger says the deadline has been pushed back from June 4th to June 30th in case additional time is necessary to sufficiently flush water mains. During the flushing process, citizens may notice their service pressure is affected as well as slight water discoloration. Steger says this is caused by sediment or rust being flushed from the water mains. She says there is no reason to be alarmed and adds that it will clear up after running your water for a short time. The City of Mayville performs flushing operations to ensure hydrants are exercised and operational as well as to clean the piping system of any naturally settling rust and sediment. Anyone with questions is encouraged to call 920-387-7906.