Mayville Tornado Siren Should Be Repaired By Tuesday

(Mayville) A downed tornado siren in Mayville will be up and running next week. The siren located on Breckenridge and Wisconsin was struck by lightning in early May. Police Chief Jim Ketchem says once they found out about the issue, he immediately contacted their vendor and insurance company to begin the process of repairing the siren. Badgerland Communications and Alliant Energy will be on site Tuesday to complete work on the siren. Ketchem says once they are finished, a test will be done. He says work should be completed roughly between 2pm to 4pm. Ketchem says any residents in that area should not be alarmed if they hear the siren go off at that time. The project cost is around $18,000 with the city’s insurance company paying $15,000 and the city chipping in $3,000 from the general fund.