Mayville Snow And Ice Removal Policy Detailed

(Mayville) Mayville officials are reminding residents of the city’s snow and ice removal policy. A property owner fronting a sidewalk must remove all snow and ice within a 24 hour period from the time the snow stopped falling. Corner lot property owners and those adjacent to a crosswalk are responsible for removing the snow. When ice is formed on the sidewalk sprinkle ash, salt, sand, or an abrasive material to break it up. The public cannot deposit snow or ice in the sidewalk, alley, parkway, near fire hydrants, public space, or city streets. If snow or ice is not removed, the property owner will be issued a citation. All subsequent violations during the snow season will result in a $100 fine. A door card will be placed at the property informing the owner of the citation and that they must clear the snow or ice within 24 hours. The city may remove snow and ice with the individual being charged the cost to do so.