Mayville Seeks To Help Victims Of Flooding

(Mayville) The city of Mayville is looking to offer assistance to homeowners who experienced hardship due to severe storms from last month. The city’s Finance Committee this week unanimously approved low interest loans for flooding hardship. Mayor Rob Boelk says residents can take a loan for up to $10,000 to be paid back at two-and-a-half-percent over a five year period. He says before the application is approved, a surveyor will inspect the home to ensure that flooding damage has been done. Boelk says this is a necessary measure to help the citizens of Mayville. He says it is only right for the city to step up and help people in a hardship situation.

Boelk says the city treasurer is compiling a list of individuals who would be interested in a low interest loan. He says the matter still needs final approval by the city council during their next meeting. Meanwhile, city officials are looking to establish a storm water management plan. Boelk says a driving force behind the discussion is to protect the center of Mayville from a creek that constantly overflows. He says there could be potential for grant money to help the city divert flood waters which could include holding it in large retention ponds. Boelk says that could give the city enough time to let flood waters subside before taking on more water from the south. He says the storm water management plan will be further discussed during next month’s Public Works Committee meeting.