Mayville Seeks To Bolster Housing and Economic Growth

(Mayville) Mayville has hired a third-party firm to develop an economic plan for the city. The common council recently approved paying $15-thousand dollars to Vierbicher and Associates, which is a Wisconsin-based engineering and planning group. Vierbicher Community Development Manager Daniel Lindstrom was asked by the council if they could help fix Mayville’s economic issues. He says there is no magic wand to fix every problem but instead the focus should be on creating a good strategy that can improve things incrementally. Lindstrom says Vierbicher will complete their work in two stages. The first is an engagement and assessment phase where their team will analyze target industries and review commercial and labor market characteristics. They plan to also offer an online survey to gather data from residents on the current housing situation, property conditions or challenges. Phase two will focus on implementation which could include establishing incentive programs the city can use to spur housing and economic growth. Mayor Rob Boelk says Vierbicher’s input is much needed and the system currently in place is not working. Boelk says Vierbicher will begin their work within the next two weeks and are under contract for six months.