Mayville Residents Forced To Replace Sewer Laterals May See Reimbursement

(Mayville) City officials in Mayville are discussing the possibility of reimbursing residents who were required to replace their sewer laterals, the underground sewer line that runs from the street to the house. Last month the council agreed to repeal a city ordinance that required citizens to fix their laterals within 90-days if they were found to be defective. The measure was originally enacted three years ago in an effort to prolong the life of the city’s sewer plant. During that time, roughly 60 laterals were found to be defective and required the home-owners to pay out-of-pocket to fix them. Several citizens at a recent meeting voiced their appreciation that the law is no longer in effect but believe they should be repaid. Mayor Rob Boelk suggested a reimbursement of $1-thousand dollars to each citizen who replaced their laterals. The money would be taken from the Wastewater Utility fund. Boelk says since the department no longer has to use a camera to view the underground laterals the excess funds would be enough to pay back citizens. Alderman Gene Frings, who voted against the repeal last month, does not agree with the mayor’s reimbursement plan because the ordinance at the time required citizens to fix their laterals. At the council’s request, Boelk will discuss the plan with the Wastewater Commission during their next meeting.