Mayville Replaces Damaged Fire Truck

7/11/17 – The Mayville Common Council approved the purchase of a new fire rescue truck at their meeting last night. The old truck was destroyed in a fire and the city received an insurance check of $75,000 dollars to help pay for the new vehicle. Mayor Rob Boelk says they were able to find a new, pre-owned fire truck for the exact same price as the insurance check plus an extended warranty on the chassis. Boelk says Fire Department Chief Brad Marx did a great job throughout the process. The new vehicle purchased was a 2000 GMC which will be ready for use next week. The council also passed an ordinance last night that will better regulate the use of street vendors in the city. Boelk says it will force vendors to be a certain amount of feet away from existing restaurants and ongoing festivals and will address restrictions on where they can and cannot go in town. Prior, there was no permit process in place and Boelk says this will help give the city more control.