Mayville Officials Put Talks Of Changing Chicken Ordinance On Hold

(Mayville) Mayville officials are tabling talks of changing city ordinance that would allow residents to house poultry within city limits. Current law prohibits citizen from keeping chickens, fowls or any type of livestock such as horses, cattle, sheep and goats in the city outside of agricultural districts. The matter was first brought up for discussion when police discovered a turkey being kept by a Mayville family who did not know there was a law prohibiting the bird. Two years ago, “Bob the Turkey” was nursed back to health after suffering injuries to its wing and the family wants to keep “Bob.” Alderman Bob Smith says the issue is currently in limbo until a decision that all parties can agree upon is hammered out and does not set a precedence of people raising poultry in their backyard. Smith says in the meantime, “Bob the Turkey” will not be forced to find a new home or be separated from its young companion. Discussions to change the ordnance were tabled until after the budget is adopted in the fall.