Mayville Offers EMS Contract To Kekoskee

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council Monday night approved their original EMS offer to Kekoskee after the village had requested several changes to the contract. Mayville’s original contract offer was for one-year totaling $15,000 with a 90-day auto-renewal that would begin Tuesday. It would also allow the city to be able to discuss any possible rate changes on a yearly basis.

Mayor Rob Boelk says the village responded to their offer with several alterations to the agreement which included changing the 90-day auto-renewal to 120 days. He says they also sought to include wording that states the city could not raise the contract price without also raising the price for the other municipalities that utilize Mayville’s EMS services. Boelk says in corresponding with the village, they indicated they would not accept the contract as originally offered. He says Mayville will still give Kekoskee the chance to accept or reject the contract they approved last night.

Last December, Kekoskee rejected a one-year deal at $7,150 from the city that included two stipulations: a stay in zoning and land splits. The conditions stemmed from a state ruling allowing the village to merge with the town of Williamstown. The entity would be renamed the village of Williamstown giving the area ‘home rule.’ That means the new village would be equal to the city of Mayville when it comes to, among other things, annexing land. However, a Dodge County Judge overruled the state’s decision and the matter is still working its way through the court system.