Mayville Mulling Incentive Program For Firefighters

(Mayville) The city of Mayville is looking to establish an incentive program for volunteer firefighters. The Mayville Fire Department currently has over 20 people on staff but have dealt with several retirements and resignations over the past year. Officials with the department say within five years they will face more difficulties with staffing as firefighters continue to retire and there are no qualified individuals to take their place. Mayor Rob Boelk says something needs to be done to encourage people to volunteer and can be done by handing out a more competitive stipend, more pay per hour or helping with student loan debts. Boelk says many municipalities are facing a lack of support from the state who implement strict spending restraints which makes it difficult for communities to increase pay or offer higher stipends for firefighters. He says the state needs to start passing legislation to help rural areas. Boelk says Mayville’s EMS will also be a part of discussions moving forward. The matter was tabled to allow for more research and will be brought back up at future meetings.