Mayville Moving Forward On Sale Of City-Owned Golf Course

(Mayville) Following a city-wide referendum urging Mayville to sell the golf course, city officials have begun the next steps to make it happen. The city recently recommended hiring Christ Appraisal Services at $700 to conduct a market analysis of the course which Mayor Rob Boelk says will help serve as a baseline for a minimum starting bid. He says the results of the analysis should be made available in June. While no determination has been made on how the golf course will be sold, Boelk says the goal is to have the course sold by the end of the year. The common council will have final approval to hire the third party firm. Roughly seventy-eight percent of voters said the city should sell the course with a deed restriction that only allows for the land to be used as a golf course. It also states that Mayville would have the right to repurchase the land at the original sale price should there be a proposed change in land use. The taxpayer-funded golf course has been in operation for 80 years.



Photo courtesy of Mayville Golf Course Facebook page