Mayville Mayor Talks Budget Challenges

(Mayville) Municipal leaders across Dodge County are dealing with challenges to keep taxes low for its residents. Mayville Mayor John Guinn recently talked about some of those challenges, given the limited revenue from the state government.  

“It’s an interesting challenge,” Guinn says. “In Mayville specifically, it’s kind of an added complication comes into the mix and that we’re somewhat landlocked right now in our opportunity and our ability to grow. So, you really do have to look at innovative ways to attract residential housing within the city or attract revenue dollars without having to raise people’s taxes.”     

Guinn says his primary concern is to keep taxes as low as possible. Another challenge the mayor faces is that the city was reassessed last year. He says home values went up. 

“The on average, the residential home values in Mayville went up by about 50%, 52%” says Guinn. “There are some that I’m aware of, their home values went up 80%.”    

Guinn also says that the value of Mayville went up from $325-million-dollars to $487-million from a ten year cycle. The mill rate did decrease from $8.11-per-thousand-dollars of assessed value to $5.29-per-thousand in the city budget.