Mayville Mayor Pleased With Partial Stay In Merger Case

(Mayville) The mayor of Mayville says he is pleased that a partial stay in the merger of the town of Williamstown and village of Kekoskee has been granted.

The decision stems from an appeal filed by the city against the Department of Administration ruling that Kekoskee can dissolve and join the unincorporated town of Williamstown. The entity will be renamed the village of Williamstown, giving the area ‘home rule.’ That means the new village will be equal to the city of Mayville when it comes to, among other things, annexing land. Mayville says the merger will stunt city growth and affect other areas such as school district population and transportation.

During a recent hearing, Dodge County Judge Joseph Sciascia issued a partial stay allowing Mayville to review land divisions within one-and-a-half miles of its borders while the appeals process continues. The order also states that any zoning changes would have to go through Dodge County review.

Mayor Rob Boelk says he is pleased with the decision that allows the city to protect their borders from zoning changes that could be made without say from the city. Boelk says Judge Sciascia will rule on the city’s appeal during a hearing on March 14.