Mayville May Sell City-Owned Golf Course

(Mayville) Officials in Mayville are discussing the possibility of selling the city’s golf course. In March of 2018, the common council approved a three-year lease agreement with Mark and Jeff Trott to operate the course. The first-year lease payment was one dollar because of the Trott’s commitment to pay over $120-thousand dollars of their own money to rehabilitate the grounds. The second year was at a cost of $8-thousand dollars while the third-year lease payment will be $12-thousand. The matter was up for discussion during Monday’s common council meeting, but city officials decided to table talks until more details can be brought forth. Mayor Rob Boelk says if the council does decide to sell the golf course the community should have a say. He says he hopes the council would put the matter up to a public referendum so the citizens of Mayville can decide what to do with the property. Boelk says the Trott’s have the right of first refusal, meaning they could match any offer the city would receive to purchase the golf course. The matter will be discussed further during next month’s common council meeting.