Mayville May Assist Residents With Water Laterals

(Mayville) Mayville officials are promising assistance for residents required to replace their lead water laterals. The Common Council approved an ordinance this week mandating property owners who reside along the Highway 28/67 street rehabilitation project to replace the hazardous piping with plastic or copper. The Department of Natural Resources offers a $20,000 dollar grant plus a special one-and-a-half-percent interest rate if the city mandated the change. The cost savings would total roughly $120,000 dollars. Alderman Bob Smith says that money should go towards the individuals who must replace their lead laterals. Currently, there is no resolution on the books offering citizens funds from the state grant. Smith says the city is promising they will write one and introduce it at their next council meeting. The final amount is still up for discussion but Smith says the abatement program would likely offer residents up to $3,500 dollars. Roughly 22-to-24 laterals will need to be replaced because of the project. Smith says the city is looking into different possibilities to aid property owners who do not fall under the Highway 28/67 funding. There is an estimated 225 lead laterals in the city.