Mayville Leaders See Positive Growth Under New TAG Center Director

(Mayville) Mayville officials are happy the direction its TAG Center is heading in under its new leadership. The 46-thousand-square-foot facility was built in 2002 and was given as a gift to the city from the Bachhuber Foundation.

The center offers recreational, educational, and social interaction opportunities for all age groups. Mayor John Guinn says just before the last election, a new director of recreation and aquatics needed to be hired.

“What we did is we ultimately ended up selecting a local Micaela Luehring to run the TAG Center,” says Guinn. “She’s doing a fantastic job.” 

Guinn says that Luehring came up through the TAG Center and the various sports programs it offers and has taken the reins to drive additional revenue. The mayor noted that the city was surprised to learn in 2009 that the facility had been operating in the red but changes were made to correct that problem.

“The city was surprised to learn that they’d been operating at a deficit for a while with the TAG Center,” Guinn says. “So, the city at that time deployed what they referred to as a nine year plan. This was a tighten the belt, put together a budget that you can live with, and find a way to dig yourself out of the hole.”  

Guinn says that the TAG Center has successfully dug themselves out of the deficit hole through the nine year plan.

Photo courtesy of the Mayville, WI website