Mayville Lead Water Lateral Ordinance In Committee

5/9/17 – The mayor of Mayville does not feel residents should be financially responsible for replacing lead water laterals. The city’s Water and Wastewater Utilities Commission has been discussing an ordinance that would mandate replacing the hazardous piping with plastic or cooper. Mayor Rob Boelk says that there needs to be a lot of work done on the ordinance. Boelk notes that he was not sold on a few of the details concerning the lead water lateral ordinance that is in discussion, specifically mandating residents to cover the costs for replacements. Boelk adds that other cities have mandated there citizens to pay for lead lateral replacements, which is something he wants to avoid in Mayville. He says that citizens may not have the means and it should be up to the individual home owner if they can do it or not. Boelk adds that in Mayville it should not be up to the government. Boelk says there is no immediate timeframe for having an ordinance completed.