Mayville Launches New Website, Ad Space Opportunities

6/15/17 – The City of Mayville has launched its new website. The overhauled page went live on June 1st and has been in the works since last year. City Clerk Sara Decker says the goal is to streamline the website to make it easier for visitors to navigate. She says there are now three categories for ‘businesses,’ ‘residents,’ and ‘visitors.’ The old website linked everything together making it difficult to find what web viewers were looking. During their Common Council meeting this week, the board approved a plan to use the new website to allow local business advertisements. The cost would run $600 dollars a month and allow businesses to feature their pictures and logos. Decker says the city plans to use the money to help draw people to Mayville and market open job positions. There is no immediate plan in place on how they will market the ad space but she says that with passage of the resolution they can start reaching out to businesses.