Mayville Exploring Options Following Landfill Ruling

(Mayville) Mayville is exploring their options after a Dodge County judge ruled against a lawsuit the city filed over the expansion of the Glacier Ridge Landfill. The lawsuit filed against the Waste Facility Siting Board, the towns of Hubbard and Williamstown, Dodge County and Advanced Disposal was over how many members the city could have on the Siting Committee. Mayville wanted four members to the committee, which negotiates landfill contracts or any potential expansion plans, as opposed to just one.

Judge Martin De Vries recently ruled that the 100-foot vertical expansion is not within city limits and under state law entitles Mayville to only one member as an “affected municipality.” De Vries’ decision also included that Hubbard and Kekoskee will have five members while Dodge County will have two. Mayville has cited health concerns such as methane odor and ground pollution as one of their primary reasons for opposing the landfill expansion.

Mayor Rob Boelk says he is not happy with the ruling and that the city will continue to discuss the matter with their attorneys. The Mayville Common Council meet in closed session for a little more than a half-hour this week but no action was taken. The landfill is being expanded to get three more years of usefulness out of it. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources state that the landfill could survive only seven more years without expansion.