Mayville Establishes Process To Track Landfill Odor Complaints

(Mayville) There is a new process for Mayville residents to file odor complaints potentially caused by the nearby Glacial Ridge Landfill. Mayor Rob Boelk initiated the procedure that allows residents to call the city clerk’s office to report odor issues.

To report a problem, a citizen can call Mayville City Hall at 920-387-7900 and provide their name, address and a detailed description of the issue they are having. The city will then reach out to the landfill to investigate the issue. Boelk says all grievances will be entered into a database to track how many complaints are made within a given month.

The city has been vocal in their opposition to the landfill over their plans to expand and had filed a lawsuit against several entities including Advanced Disposal, who currently operates the site. The contention stems from how many members the city is allowed to have on a Landfill Siting Committee, which negotiates landfill expansion plans. In April, city officials agreed to drop a lawsuit contesting the committee make-up, citing continued good-faith discussions with Advanced Disposal on odor management.

Boelk says that process lead to the realization that a better way to document odor complaints was needed. He says they city was relying on the landfill to track odor complaints but because of recent litigation they realized that no real method was put in place. Boelk says city crews check regularly for methane and any other possible air quality issues. Currently, air quality is within the federal EPA standards and Boelk credits the landfill for working with the city to eliminate the odor problem.