Mayville Council Approves Site For New Public Library

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council Monday night approved the site for the new public library. The vacant land, located on John Street directly behind the Mayville Limestone School Museum, has been owned by the Mayville School Board who recently deemed the property as a surplus. Administrator Scott Sabol says they did so in a good faith effort to demonstrate their support of the land being used for community literacy. Library Advisory Committee Chairperson Sue Smith says site approval was a big first step in bringing a state-of-the-art facility to Mayville. She says the committee has been looking at other libraries across the state to get a better understanding of what a 21st Century library looks like and noted that it will be a big attraction for the city. The school board will sell the land to the city, which is owned in two parcels, for $2 dollars. The council says that will be done in the near future. There is also a nearby parking lot the library will be able to utilize. The goal for the project is have it completely paid for by donated funds. Smith says there is no definitive timeline set right now and that the advisory committee is still planning community fundraising opportunities.