Mayville Council Approves Buy-Out Plan For Golf Course

10/24/17 – The Mayville Golf Club will soon be under new management. The Common Council Monday night agreed to a buy-out plan to purchase Mayville Golf Club Inc. in exchange for the city acquiring their remaining debt. The course has been plagued with draining issues and declining membership over the years. Mayor Rob Boelk says there has been a lot of thought put into this decision and it stemmed from the lack of revenue the golf course was generating. He says the city will be spending close to $110-thousand dollars to bail the operation out. Boelk says the city council is determined to continue operating the golf course and has been in talks with a professional management service that would provide a hands-on approach to improving their assets. The plan is to create a Golf Club Advisory Committee to offer input and insight to the management company. Boelk says the council is thankful for the Mayville Golf Club Inc. along with the current and previous board members for their hard work over the years and their dedication to the course. He says there is no immediate timetable set in place right now.