Mayville Could Go To Referendum Over Sale Of City-Owned Golf Course

(Mayville) Officials in Mayville discussed selling the city’s golf course Monday night. The course is currently operated by Mark and Jeff Trott on a three-year lease that will come to an end next year. The census from city officials was to sell the golf course but they would want public input before doing so. Alderman Bob Smith says he wants to do what the public wants and would like to see the results of an advisory referendum.

Conditions to sell the course are still being hammered out. Mayor Rob Boelk says they would prefer keeping the course operational after the sale.

The common council pointed to a clause Horicon included in their bid to sell their course in 2014 that required keeping the grounds an 18-hole course for five-years. Boelk says they would also look to add the right of first refusal, meaning the city could buy back the course at the purchase price if the owner looked to sell the property. City Treasurer Greg Zipfel says it will still be several months before they figure out what the land is worth. He says appraisal of the golf course would most likely be completed until early next year.

While no motion was made to go to referendum, the council did direct the city clerk to begin the process of drafting the question which will be reviewed during next month’s meeting.