Mayville Considering Changes To Winter Parking

6/27/17 – City officials in Mayville looking at alternatives to the winter parking rules within the city. Currently, no parking is allowed on the street from December 1st through April 1st without authorization from the police department. Mayor Rob Boelk says the goal is to give residents more options during the winter months. He says there will issues last winter with residents wanting to park during March when there was hardly any snow and during the holidays. The public works committee is exploring several different options for changing the winter parking ordinance. He says one route would be to setup a permitting processes. Giving the residents an opportunity to pay seasonal pricing to park on the street. Boelk says they looked at other communities were they have a by-inch rule, forcing residents to move their vehicle if there is snowfall equaling an inch of snow. Boelk says more information such as how often the city’s department of public works plow and salt during the winter months will be discussed at their next meeting. He says the council will have all the details figured out before making a decision.