Mayville Common Council Approves Sale Of Golf Course To Leroy Meats Owners

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council this week agreed to sell the golf course. A city-wide referendum during the spring election indicated that citizens wanted the course to be sold under the condition that it continues to operate as a golf course, with just over 78-percent of voters in favor of the move. The city then hired Christ Appraisal Services to conduct a market analysis of the course which helped serve as a baseline for a minimum starting bid.

In November, the council conditionally accepted an offer from the owners of Leroy Meats for $150-thousand-dollars to buy the course. The resolution adopted this week finalizes the agreement which includes the option for the city to repurchase the land should there be a proposed change in land use. Mayor Rob Boelk was not happy at first that the council agreed to the offered amount but says now the sale is fair and respectable, considering all the restrictions that were put in place.

Restrictions that allow the Mayville High School golf team to play for free so long as their equipment is purchased at the golf club and that the property must remain open as a golf course seven-days a week from April 1st to November 15th. Boelk adds that Leroy Meats will be great for the Mayville community.

Since the land will be privately owned, for the first time the city will be receiving tax revenue from the property. The exact amount is unknown at this time as the golf course will need to be appraised which will take place sometime in 2021.