Mayville Common Council Approves Referendum Question To Sell Golf Course

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council Monday night approved the referendum question asking citizens what they want done with the city-owned golf course. Last month, the council approved adding the non-binding referendum to the spring ballot. The question itself will ask voters if the city should sell the course with a deed restriction that only allows for the land to be used as a golf course. It also states that Mayville would have the right to repurchase the land at the original sale price should there be a proposed change in land use. Mayor Rob Boelk says it is important to get the opinions of the public when dealing with a taxpayer funded golf course that has been in existence for 80 years. Boelk says even though he does not have stance on the matter, he can understand why the city should keep the course or why they should sell it. He says from a financial standpoint, he understands why residents would not want to put a burden on the tax rolls. Boelk says the course does bring a lot of people into the community to play golf, so long as the site is maintained properly. The golf course is currently operated by Mark and Jeff Trott on a three-year lease that will come to an end this year. The spring election will be on April 7th.