Mayville City Council Rejects Defamation Claim Against Mayor

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council Monday night voted to disallow a notice of claim from Police Chief Ryan Vossekuil alleging defamation by Mayor Rob Boelk. The claim is seeking $50-thousand dollars along with attorney fees and a retraction from Boelk. During a Public Safety Committee meeting in September, Boelk said then-Acting Chief Vossekuil was aware that a crime had been committed, failed to report the crime, and failed to take action. The comments were made in reference to former Police Chief Chris MacNeill, who was convicted of misdemeanor Forgery in 2011 for altering documents to help the family member of a former police officer get into the army. After meeting in closed session, the council came to the unanimous decision on the advice of the city attorney who found the claim had no merit and recommended that it should be denied. Vossekuil could still bring a lawsuit against the city if he so chooses.

The claim is the second request for compensation the city is facing. Former city police officer Mark Forster claims that Vossekuil broke a confidentiality agreement in his 2016 resignation. In August, Vossekuil wrote a letter to the city clerk and Dodge County Sheriff about a possible conflict of interest on the city council. In that letter, Vossekuil mentioned that he investigated an alleged incident of misconduct by Forster while he was employed as an officer. Forster maintains that the mention of the alleged misconduct broke their agreement. Forster is asking for a year’s worth of compensation and benefits totaling $65-thousand dollars.