Mayville Bidding Out Golf Course Operations

10/30/17 – Mayville will be entertaining bids to operate the city’s golf course. The terms of the bid allow the entire facility to be operated by one entity or the operations of the golf course can be separated from management of the bar and grille. Last week, the council agreed to a buy-out plan to purchaseMayville Golf Club Inc. in exchange for the city acquiring their remaining debt. The group had been in charge of running the facility and their lease was expiring by the end of the year. The course has been plagued with drainage issues and declining membership numbers over the years. Mayor Rob Boelk says the city will be spending close to $110,000 dollars to bail the operation out. He says they are looking for bids that will present a plan for the golf course and the council will decide which one offers the best option going forward. Boelk says once a bid is awarded, the plan is to create a Golf Club Advisory Committee to offer input and insight to the management company. The mayor says the council will continue to work with members of Golf Club Inc. during this process and he says that group members will most likely join the committee. The council will hold another meeting next week to discuss the topic and will open up the bids for 30-days at that time.