Mayville Bans Sky Lanterns

4/11/17 – The Mayville Common Council last night adopted an ordinance that bans the use of sky lanterns. The fiery balloons are popular at weddings, music concerts and other outdoor events especially during warm weather. The paper lanterns are powered by an open flame like a candle and rise in the air like small, hot-air balloons capable of travelling for miles before landing as dangerous liter. Mayville Alderman Mike Schmidt says that a member of the community in Mayville lost a child and they did it as a memorial to them. Schmidt adds that when he heard about it he thought that could be dangerous. Schmidt tasked City Clerk Sara Decker to look at other places with ordinances similar to the one they were working on for Mayville. Noting that Beaver Dam’s covered most of what they wanted. Schmidt adds that there has been no fires reported in Mayville that have resulted from sky lanterns but he says it is better to get out in front of any potential issues.