Mayville Approves Resolution Opposing Landfill Expansion

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council this week approved a resolution that opposes the expansion of a nearby landfill. The Glacier Ridge Landfill is set to expand vertically 100 feet in order to get three more years of usefulness. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources state that the landfill could survive only seven more years without expansion.

Mayor Rob Boelk says there are serious health concerns that are not being taken into consideration such as methane odor and ground pollution that could lead to future problems. The city is challenging a study done from the Department of Natural Resources that says expansion would not lead to any major impacts above what currently exists at Glacier Ridge. The study also suggests that if the landfill were to stay as is, waste would have to be moved elsewhere or a new facility would need to be built.

Mayville’s challenge against the DNR study is part of a lawsuit the city has filed against the Waste Facility Siting Board, the towns of Hubbard and Williamstown, Dodge County and Advanced Disposal. The issue stems from how many members the city is allowed to have on the Siting Committee, which negotiates landfill contracts or any potential expansion plans.

Boelk says in the past the city has always had four members on the board but that has been reduced to one limiting their voting authority. A motion hearing for the city’s lawsuit is scheduled for January 30.