Mayville Alderman’s Land Rezoned As First Step To Potential Multi-Family Development Project

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council this week rezoned Alderman Gene Frings property as a first step to a potential multi-family development project. The land, which is in the 1200 block of Dayton Street, was rezoned from Single Family to Multiple Family. Frings abstained from voting The developer Integris, based in Milwaukee, is looking at constructing two-story buildings with garages on the roughly seven acre property. The project could create an estimated 30 to 60 units for rent. Several nearby property owners had several questions about the proposed project. Including how big each housing unit would be and what affects a larger a facility could have on their property values. Alderman Bob Smith encouraged the property owners to stay involved and engaged in the process. Integris Co-Founder Thomas Baade says there are still many details to hammer out, including a market survey to determine how many units can fit on the property. He says there are no design plans at this stage. The city’s Planning Commission will have final say so to greenlight the project. Baade says that if everything goes right, ground could be broken in the fall.