Mayville Adopts 2018 City Budget With Lower Tax Rate

11/14/17 – Mayville’s Common Council adopted the city’s 2018 budget Monday night. Mayville residents will see a decrease in the mill rate for the city portion of their taxes. The $8.90 tax rate approved is 27-cents less than the number homeowners saw last December. Property values increased by roughly $6-million-dollars, or two-percent, to just under $317-million-dollars. The budget includes a tax levy of $2.81-million-dollars, $31-thousand dollars less than the 2017 document. That means the owner of a $150-thousand-dollar home in Mayville would pay $41 dollars less for the city portion of their tax bill. Mayor Rob Boelk says the budget process went well this year. He says in the last two years the city has been able to lower taxes by $50 and the mill rate places Mayville right in the middle with other cities and municipalities in Dodge County. Boelk says he wants to address the city’s debt going forward. He says the goal is to lower the amount to under $4-million over the next two years, which he believes is a reasonable goal to attain. Debt totals around $5.5-million dollars. No longer included in the yearly budget is the nine-year financial plan to eliminate deficits stemming from a multi-year shortfall to run the TAG center. Boelk says the plan is on track to be finished at the end of the year. The plan resulted in $800-thousand dollars being built up in the contingency fund.