Mayoral Candidates Field Tough Questions At Forum

3/23/17 – Over one hundred people turned out at the Beaver Dam Veterans Center last night for a Candidates Forum sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Both candidates for Beaver Dam mayor fielded some tough questions from the audience intended to cast doubt on their experience and effectiveness as elected officials.  Last night’s forum allowed for questions from the media, the candidates themselves and the general public. City resident Mary Klatt told mayoral candidate Rebecca Glewen that her resume looks like a lot of fluff and asked why she would leave her position as a first term alderman to run for mayor. After a pause, Glewen responded by saying that she “takes on things that mean something” to her and noted that in 24 years she has had three jobs which she says is not “job-hopping.” Glewen says she has been preparing herself for her future and making the biggest impact she can make in the community. She says being on city council has been a great experience and she does not feel any of her work experience has been fluff. City resident Brian French asked incumbent Mayor Tom Kennedy to point to one initiative that was 100-percent his idea. Kennedy said “just the day-to-day operations of mayor for one” and noted that he meets with his department heads every three months which had never been done by a mayor before. Kennedy also said that he goes to the senior center every month, works weekends and is very active in the community with various groups. Glewen will discuss the issues with us one-on-one next week Thursday on WBEV’s Community Comment while Kennedy will join us next Friday.