Mayor Rob Boelk Announces New Pharmacy Coming To Mayville

(Mayville) Mayville will soon be welcoming a new pharmacy into the city. Mayor Rob Boelk recently announced Hometown Pharmacy will open its doors and while a location has yet to be determined Boelk says the business hopes to move in by early April. Boelk says the development is good news for Mayville. He says Hometown Pharmacy is a good fit and that they have a good business philosophy from hiring a local pharmacist to work in the store to providing medications at affordable costs. Mayville was without a pharmacy following the announcement that Shopko Hometown in the city would be closing after the business filed for bankruptcy. Boelk says the need to fill the void left by Shopko’s closure was crucial for Mayville’s elderly population and those who need prescriptions filled on a regular basis. Boelk says he looks forward to working with Hometown Pharmacy moving forward.