Mayor Halts Hoeft’s Public Comments

8/2/11 – Beaver Dam Mayor Tom Kennedy pounded his gavel last night to end a boisterous public comment address by downtown business owner Jay Hoeft. The owner of the now-defunct Fountain Inn Tavern on Front Street was the only hold-out in a post-flood, city buy-out that saw ten other riverside buildings demolished. Hoeft told the council that the city accepted federal grant funding for the project and alleged that the funding guidelines require the city to pay relocation fees to the affected property owners. Hoeft raised his voice demanding the city (quote) “pay these people the money that they’re legally entitled to” and then began yelling about living in America as Kennedy pounded his gavel ordering him to leave the podium. City Attorney Mary Ann Schacht told Hoeft that his allegations were legal matters and suggested that he obtain an attorney to address his concerns in the proper venue.