Mayor, Former Fire Chief Elected To Dodge County Board

(Juneau) There were three contested races on the 33-member Dodge County Board. In Beaver Dam, incumbent Supervisor Kevin Burnett withstood a challenge from Scott Petrack with the final vote tally for the District 31 seat at 166-to-96.

In the Waupun-area, District 25 incumbent William Hoekstra lost to challenger Travis Schultz 196-to-181.

No one was on the ballot for the District 32 seat where incumbent Supervisor Lisa Derr blamed a slow mail delivery system for not getting her election packet filed in a timely manner. Linda Yuds challenged Derr for the vacancy but came up short with 266 write-in votes going to Deer compared to 58 for Yuds.

No one was on ballot for the District 33 Beaver Dam-area seat vacated by Supervisor Becky Glewen, who instead opted to focus on her role as mayor. Former Beaver Dam Fire Chief Del Yaroch secured the seat with 55 write-in votes.

There was also no candidate on the ballot for the Mayville-area District 13 seat vacated by Eugene Wurtz last year. Rob Boelk received five write-in votes but has not confirmed as of Monday evening if he will take the position.