Mayor Casts Three Tie Breaking Votes Delaying Decision On ATV’s In Waupun

(Waupun) Waupun Mayor Julie Nickel had to cast the tie-breaking vote three times Tuesday night in an effort to allow all-terrain vehicles to operate on city streets. The ordinance would allow ATV’s and UTV’s to operate on all designated city streets except county and state highways or connecting highways with a speed limit above 35-miles per hour.

The first attempt at passage waived the first reading on adoption and prohibited the operation of ATV’s between midnight and 6am; Nickel voted no.

The second attempt sought waiving of the first reading and prohibited riding between 10pm and 6am, again splitting the council with the mayor voting no.

The third attempt was the same as the previous except that it pushed the vote until next months meeting.

Alderman Michael Matoushek said the public deserved time to offer feedback to elected officials. The mayor agreed and cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of holding second reading and a vote at their December meeting.


Listen to the Waupun Common Council meeting: