Mayor Becky Glewen Says Beaver Dam Is Well Positioned To Attract Businesses

(Beaver Dam) From Shopko to Boston Store to the recent announcement that Nancy’s Notions Retail Store will be closing, Beaver Dam has been hard hit by the loss of bricks-and-mortar businesses. Mayor Becky Glewen discussed the future of retail with us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment. Glewen says while the changing environment seems scary, Beaver Dam is very well positioned to be a destination for attracting businesses and new residents.

Glewen says there is a lot of work being done behind the scenes, bolstered by a new TIF District around the Heritage Village Mall. “Hopefully, we’ll have a project coming forward for the old Boston Store soon,” she says adding when pressed, “there might be some things happening that we can hopefully talk about in the next couple months.”

While the mayor says she has not heard about activity at Shopko, the site itself is seen as a very lucrative area to open a business.

Glewen is remaining optimistic, say there is a of growth that has yet to be tapped. Highway 151 in particular, she says has been underutilized and so the city “will continue to push the assets we have.”