May Is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

(Wisconsin) May is “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.” Traffic safety officials with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are asking all motor vehicle operators to share the road, be extra alert and stay safe. They are also reminding drivers that motorcycles have a smaller profile and can often be missed when scanning the roadway. Dodge County Traffic Safety Coordinator Scott Smith says raising awareness of the presence of motorcyclists can save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce crashes. In 2019 there were over five-thousand motorcyclists killed in traffic crashes nationwide, accounting for 14-percent of the total highway fatalities for the year. In 2020, there were over two-thousand motorcycle crashes in Wisconsin with 112 fatalities. Dodge County Sheriff’s Captain Chad Enright adds that motorcyclists need to do their part as well, which he says starts with wearing a DOT compliant helmet. Enright says just like a motorist wearing their seatbelt, using a helmet can drastically increase survival rates in the event of a crash.