Marshland Pharmacy Burglar Pleads Guilty

2/23/12 – A Rubicon man who broke into the Marshland Pharmacy in Horicon and stole thousands of dollars worth of drugs has entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors. Alexander Metzger pleaded “guilty” Wednesday to felony charges of Burglary and Drug Possession and had eight other felony and misdemeanor charges dismissed. The 23-year-old smashed in the front glass doors to the pharmacy in September of 2009 and took over $3600 of Oxycontin. Police were tipped to the crime by an anonymous call. According to the criminal complaint, a hair found at the crime scene matched one obtained from Metzger. When he was questioned, authorities say he had a white, powdery substance crusted around his nostrils that turned out to be Oxycontin. A sentencing hearing is scheduled in April.