Mars Launches Investigation Into Spilled Skittles

1/22/17 – The case of the spilled Skittles on a Dodge County roadway continues to make headlines. On Tuesday night, a box on the back of a flatbed pickup truck split open in the rain, scattering hundreds of thousands of red Skittles – without the trademark “S” printed on them – all over County Road S. The latest tasty twist has the company that manufactures the chewy, multi-colored candy launching an investigation into exactly how their product came to be destined to become cattle feed. While a variety of food byproducts are typically used for animal feed, Mars Inc. says the Skittles that were strewn all over the street came from a factory that does not sell unused products for animal feed. Mars Corporate Environmental Manager Linda Kurtz tells the Associated Press that the Skittles in question came from its plant in Yorkville, Illinois but their plant is Waco, Texas is the only one that sells its bunk Skittles and those go to a local processor to be turned into syrup.