Markesan Man Charged With Fleeing Lomira Police

(Lomira) A Markesan man is facing charges for running from police. Rolandas Banys is facing a felony charge of Fleeing and two misdemeanor counts of Resisting and Operating while Revoked. A Lomira police officer was notified that a pursuit suspect from Washington County was heading northbound on I-41 around 10pm on June 5th. The officer spotted the vehicle near the Highway 67 overpass and activated their emergency lights. According to the criminal complaint, police approached speeds near 115-miles-per-hour to keep up. The 10-mile chase was eventually terminated as the vehicle turned off their lights and accelerated away on Highway 28. On June 21st, Washington County sheriff’s deputies initiated a traffic stop in a vehicle that Banys was driving. An acquaintance of Banys later arrived on scene, reportedly driving the same vehicle that was involved in the pursuit two weeks earlier. The acquittance allegedly said they were at first driving as the chase began and that Banys shouted at them to drive faster. They reportedly said that they switched seats with Banys so he could drive. If convicted, the 37-year-old faces over four years behind bars. Banys did not show for his initial appearance Monday and a bench warrant is issued for his arrest.