Markesan Applying For Federal Loan To Replace Aging Water Mains

(Markesan) The city of Markesan is applying for a federal loan to help address issues with their public drinking water system. The funding through the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program would replace aging water mains and related accessories on Catherine Street from Main Street to South High Street; on Bridge Street from Catherine Street to Charles Street; and on Main Street from Saint Joseph to Charles Street. 

An environmental analysis is not mandated. However, in accordance with federal requirements, an environmental review must be conducted before funding thproject. Officials with the loan program have determined that the project will not result in significant adverse environmental effects and no further environmental review or analysis is needed before proceeding with funding. Federal loan officials are seeking public comments regarding the decision and the potential environmental impacts of this project. 

Based on the comments received, loan officials may prepare an environmental analysis before proceeding with the funding process. The analysis would summarize the Department of Natural Resource’s consideration of the impacts of the project and reasonable alternatives. 

Written or verbal comments are encouraged. Provide comments to Kevin Olson, community financial assistance, Department of Natural Resources: CF/2 101 S. Webster St. P.O. Box 7921, Madison, Wisconsin 53707, or 608-266-9955 by Oct. 23, 2020.